Being new in any country can be daunting and exciting at the same time. A move to Australia is often “under-estimated” in difficulty as we are so “similar”. And, while in many ways we are, there are very strong cultural differences. Of course, the day-to-day items such as health insurance, taxes, banking, getting a job, etc. can be much bigger than realized.


The Australian American Association Brisbane Chapter are an instant in-country support network for Americans relocating to Queensland. We assist with transitional help for our members and their families.


In addition to this transitional help, we are a handy source of information. We are always on the lookout for online resources that provide helpful information.


Want to find out about the Australian lifestyle? You will find everything you need at www.about-australia.com  The site contains a comprehensive travel guide to Australia, encompassing Australian travel, accommodation, shopping, events, and culture.


A fun site that allows you to ask trivial questions about Australian culture, language and slang, sport, food, wildlife, politics, places, TV and film, music, visiting, and everything else www.toxiccustard.com/australia 

A great website with information on living and working in Australia - www.tribuslingua.com.au 

The Portal for work abroad, study abroad, overseas travel and international living - www.transitionsabroad.com 

Good basics about moving to Qld http://www.qld.gov.au/about/moving-to-queensland

Everything you need to know about international moving, including recommendations about some reputable movers.

Land That Job in Australia – a book which covers it all … from how to look, who to talk to and what to say.


Great for Americans living in Australia – chat rooms and more 





During your stay in Australia, whether it’s limited or permanent, requires some ingenuity and time to continue some of the everyday things such as voting, purchasing via the internet, etc. We have included several useful websites and continue to add more. If these links do not go directly to the site, please copy and paste into your browser:


Citizenship and Legal Matters



Money and US Tax



Foods from Home


  • One of the great aspects of living abroad is experiencing a different culture and new foods but food from home and traditional celebrations can help you to keep you feeling connected with family and friends.



  • www.mistygully.com.au The Australian home of Arizona Gunslinger Chilli Pepper products and Hi Mountain Seasoning (Wyoming). A fantastic range of products with a chilli boost including Jalapeno, Chipotle and Habanero & Seasonings to make your own Jerky and Sausages, dry dip mixes for Chipotle, Bleu Cheese and Ranch dressings. Meat rubs, Liquid Smoke Powder and Oil.



Living in Brisbane 


Brisbane is sometimes referred to as “BrisVegas” although we’re not sure why. Climate-wise, it’s similar to Florida (without the hurricanes) and it’s the fastest growing area in Australia. It is a vibrant city with a great deal of green space, walkways, exotic birds, café’s, clubs, and much more.  It is very much an outdoor city and it’s the gateway to an area known as Southeast Queensland where you’ll find spectacular beaches, rainforests, the Australia Zoo, museums, sport, and LOADS of wonderfully friendly people.


Until you get to know the city, driving can be a bit difficult as the streets can be anything but straight, difficult signage and many, many hills. But, that’s what gives the city its’ charm. Beautiful Queenslander homes and sleeky modern homes, as well as “worker cottages” give it a unique look. Once you get a feel for the area, you’ll enjoy getting around. And, there is very good public transport. The links below will help you get a sense of all that is Brisbane and its surrounds. 




















Medical, Health and Emergency Services 


Australia's Central Emergency number is 000 (State Police, Fire or Ambulance and provide address).


Medical, health and emergency services in Australia are word class. You can find general information on Medicare and other health programs in Australia http://humanservices.gov.au/individuals/medicare. You will find that Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacies and other health services are generally easily accessible.


Links to hospitals.





The Australian education system is excellent. Brisbane offers many outstanding schools in the private and public sector. 


If you are considering schooling through Australia's public school system, it pays to ask about suburbs within school catchment areas before settling on a location. School zones can change within suburbs.





Brisbane has a dynamic property market for renting, purchasing or selling of property and many websites from which to source information. There are many reputable firms to choose from and most will advertise properties on these sites.



Working in Australia 


Australians have a welcoming culture but like the US, it too has some strict rules about the rights of foreign citizens to work in the country. This will depend on the terms of the VISA that you have been issued. Before applying for work, it is important to confirm your work status. Here are some reliable job search websites that are commonly used in Australia.



Australian Government Department of Education and Training offers this national Skills Recognition website which gives information on skills recognition for those seeking to migrate as well as those who are already here. 



For another great reference guide for anyone looking for work in Australia visit http://www.tribuslinqua.com.au/bookshop/land-that-job-australia.php


American Ship Visits 


Participating in ship visits is available EXCLUSIVELY for members of the Australian-American Assn/American Community Brisbane hosts American military ship visits when they come to our city. We seek to extend hospitality to American visitors.


While we only get notification of visits a few days in advance due to security, we notify membership as soon as we have information regarding receptions, pub nights, ship tours for members, etc. Ship arrival information will NOT be found on this website. 


Hospitality in the Home Program


Register now to be on our database so you can help welcome the US Navy with typical Brisbane hospitality. You can host 2-crew members ("buddy system") into your home for a meal, an evening, a drive around Brisbane, etc.


The HOSPITALITY IN THE HOME PROGRAM gives US military personnel (male and female, enlisted and officers) the opportunity to meet local families and enjoy the participation in our wonderful Australian way of life.


Register and you will be notified prior to a ship arriving. You then decide if you wish to host for that visit. People who have participated have found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences in their life! Interested? Email or call on 07 3278 6366.


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